Ladies and Gentlemen of Frameworks!

I am pleased to inform the world that San Francisco Cinematheque has a
brand new website that I would love for you to look at:**
(same old popular URL so don't worry about those book marks!)

of note, the website features a *NEW!* online bookstore: **
and a *blog* of writings on past screenings (and future ones to come): **

finally our new exhibition season begins this week so please check it out:
(please note that we are not doing print calendars this time around.

and even though I'm trying to talk up the new website let us not forget...
*facebook:* (please like us.
twitter: ** or should I say
*@SFCinematheque*(please follow. why not?)

And by the way, Cinematheque has relocated its offices. Address is provided
below. Please keep the physical media heading our way! Online previews are
fine too!

That's all for now but thanks!

Steve Polta
Artistic Director/Archivist
San Francisco Cinematheque

San Francisco Cinematheque
55 Taylor Street
San Francisco CA 94102
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