having done much work with Alpha Cine,
when i heard they were no longer producing
answer prints (some three years ago), it
was clear the end was nigh for them. still.
sad. so here, reliable and lovely
HD telecine (if that's the way you go).


cathy lee crane
associate professor
dept. cinema, photography, and media arts
ithaca college
953 danby road
ithaca, ny 14850

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Just confirmed with Jean Fee, Director of Operations at Alpha Cine Labs in 
Seattle that as of September 27, 2013 they will be shutting down all film 
processing. September 25th is the last day to get it in before the shut down. I 
have one last roll of pre-paid 16mm that I'll be shooting over the weekend.
It is a sad day indeed for such a venerable lab as Alpha Cine.

Phil Borgnes
Sidewalk Cinema
Seattle Home Movie Day
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