it's gotta be the bleach.  I would recommend maybe mixing your bleach a less 
strong or have the chemicals in the bleach for less time.  Perhaps do a short 
test or two.  I've seen Tri-x that was stored in the worst conditions, after 
being shot even, for like 30 years come out looking like it was brand new.  I 
don't think the temperature would have anything to do with this problem.  Best 

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Hi Scott,

All the chemicals were at 20 Celsius, but I wasn't completely careful on the 
rinses. If anything the water may have been a bit cooler. Could this have been 
the problem?

It was 7278 from Kodak. Now that it is drying it looks like the emulsion looks 
like it's sticking, but while it was wet, it was coming off all over and we 
could barely handle the film to get it hung. One false slip of a finger and the 
frame was on my hand instead of on the base.

On 12.09.2013, at 00:32, Scott Dorsey <> wrote:

> What temperature were you running at?
> What kind of tri-x was it?
> --scott
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