hey folks!

i have a super 8 scan that jumps at all the splices (good splices, mind you) & 
i'm wrecking my head trying to figure out how to proceed; i'm using avid mc3 
(my laptop is too old for davinci) - any helpful tips would be very welcome!

my main problem is that i can't accumulate effects, some of them cancel each 
other out (ie i'd have to do a mixdown before applying the next one, adding an 
extra layer of work - i have to isolate the areas around the jumping splices 
each time ...)

i have to:
stabilize the image - using the perfs (it's an overscan) seems the best way to 
go, but i'd have to isolate all the places around the splices where the perf 

correct the speed (footage shot at 18fps, scanned at 24fps) - have tried with 
timewarp fluid motion render option - looks best, but again i have to isolate 
any flares, jumps, cuts &c, fluid motion can't handle them (tried frame 
duplication but it looks jerky)

resize & crop (this is the easy bit, as long as the other stuff is out of the 
way ...)

colour correct (easy as well, once the other shit is sorted out)

it's becoming a bit of a sisyphean task, each time i think i've worked it out a 
new problem arises ...
if there's an editor in NY with experience in this kind of thing, who'd be up 
for taking a look, i'd be supremely grateful!

cheers moira
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