*A Pocket-sized Constellation: Experimental Films from Argentina- 8 PM

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*Pablo Marin in Person!*
“O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a King of
infinite space”. With this famous line from Shakespeare’s *Hamlet*, Jorge
Luis Borges opened his masterpiece *The Aleph*, a story about the
(inexplicable) possibilities of exploring the universal through a small
point in space. In a less mystical but equally enigmatic way, Argentine
experimental cinema has been a similar case of achieving a virtually
infinite exploration of vision by means of a technology as limited and
substandard as 8mm film. Almost all of the experimental filmmaking in
Argentina was done –and still is being made– in Regular 8, Super 8 or
Single 8 formats; and although economics played a great part here, this
decision has proved to be an aesthetic one: to embrace the amateur while
pushing a medium to its most complex boundaries. These are some of the
stars in this miniature yet dazzling constellation called Argentine
Experimental Cinema, presented by the Chicago 8 Fest in many cases for the
first time in the US. -Pablo Marin.

Come Out, by Narcisa Hirsch (1971, Super 8, Magnetic Sound, 9 min.)

El ver de los árboles, by Sergio Subero (2012, Super 8, Silent, 6 min.)

El inmortal, by Jorge Honik (1968, Super 8, Silent, 7 min.)

Conjeturas, by Pablo Mazzolo (2013, Super 8, External Sound, 4 min.)

Un enano en el jardín, by Claudio Caldini (1981, Super 8, Magnetic Sound,
12 min.)

untitled trilogy, by Pablo Marín (2008-09, Super 8, Silent, 12 min.)

Denkbilder, by Pablo Marín (2013, Single 8mm, Silent, 5 min.) (shown above)

TRT 55 min

*Pablo Marín was born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Besides teaching
and writing on film he’s a film/video curator, translator and filmmaker.
His films were premiered at International Short Film Festival Oberhausen,
International Film Festival Rotterdam, London Film Festival, TIE (USA),
Austrian Film Museum, Anthology Film Archives (USA), Starting from Scratch
(Netherlands), Millennium Film Workshop (USA), Pleasure Dome (Canada),
Malba (Argentina), Avanto Festival (Finland), no.w.here (England), Pacific
Film Archive (USA), Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival,
The 8 Fest (Canada), Onion City Film Festival (USA), $100 Film Festival
(Canada), The FLEX Fest (USA), Chicago 8 Fest (USA) and Museum of Modern
Art of Buenos Aires (Argentina), among others. In 2009 he was invited as
visiting artist to FAC’s Found-footage Workshop in Montevideo, Uruguay, and
as filmmaker and lecturer to the exhibit Displacement: Cinema out of site,
Gallery of Contemporary Art, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.*

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*Bill Baldewicz in Person!*
Bill Baldewicz will be presenting a number of his regular 8mm & unslit
regular 8mm films, including his film -*The Middle Six Feet. *This film,
along with the SFAI regular 8mm Film Festival, inspired Scott Stark’s
essay: *The Middle Six Feet: The birth and demise of regular 8mm film and
personal cinema.  <http://www.hi-beam.net/hi-beam/middle6feet.html> ”…**every
roll of 8mm film that came back from the lab started and ended with fogs
and flares. And if everything wasn’t done properly — perhaps there was too
much light when the film was loaded, or maybe it wasn’t advanced far enough
before shooting began — the first images were sometimes bathed in a
sublime, supernatural light.” *
*Area Predictor, reg. 8mm, 1983, 7 min.*
the Middle Six Feet, reg. 8mm, 2001, 6 min.*
Windy, unslit 8mm, 1999, 4 min.*
Pink Balloon,  unslit 8mm,1988, 2 min.*
Hammocks Under Western Skies, unslit 8mm, 2001,  3min.*
Chicago…Everybody Change,  unslit 8mm,  1986/2013,  10 min.*

*Bill Baldewicz is a multi-media artist who has been creating works in
film, photography, studio furniture and video since 1983, after a 12 year
career in energy science and engineering. He has made over a dozen 8mm
films, and videos. These works have been shown at Bay Area venues,
including SF Cinematheque, Capp Street Project, Intersection, New Langton
Arts, Falkirk Cultural Center and the SF Art Institute, as well as in New
York (MOMA), at Toronto’s “8fest”, and Squeaky Wheel in Buffalo. He has an
extensive collection of 8mm cameras and has worked in that format for over
40 years.*

*His highly imaginative furniture constructions blend a  wide variety of
recycled materials, frequently incorporating photograph imagery on liquid
photo emulsion. This work has been in 8 solo and numerous group shows on
the West Coast, from San Diego to Washington state. Dozens of his
constructions have been commissioned and/or collected on the West Coast,
Arizona and the Midwest.*


*We'll be screening **Songs 1-16 (1966) by Stan Brakhage in regular 8mm!!*

*"Go, little naked and impudent songs" ... into the auditoriums of the
world and live ... awhile longer.

Portrait of a lady; fire and a mind's movement in remembering; three girls
playing with a ball (hand-painted); a childbirth song; the painted veil via
moth-death; San Francisco; Sea creatures; wedding source and substance;
sitting around; fires, windows, an insect, a lyre of rain scratches;
verticals and shadows caught in glass traps; a travel song of scenes and
horizontals; molds, paints and crystals.
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