John, great of you to reach out with your film.  First, I would need a download 
link rather than a DVD.  Secondly some more info about the film.  Is it likely 
to stir emotions for the Vietnamese in a bad way ?  Where was you based during 
the Vietnam/American war ?  

You have such an impressive CV in terms of academia I would sure like to have 
your name in the program along with a little blurb from yourself about your 
feelings behind the film.

I am based in North Vietnam.  This is my first time organizing an event in 
Vietnam and I have to go through many official avenues and my proposals will be 
scrutinized... so please do not think I am trying to censor content of the 
program ... rather it is the case of having to be culturally sensitive.  I am 
working with no budget... basically starting this project up myself from 
scratch.  I am a film studies student basically taking a year out.  This is my 
third time living in Vietnam.

I would not be able to pay any screening fees.


On Saturday, 12 October 2013, 23:50, John Knecht <> wrote:

I made a film in 1984 called "Aspects of a Certain History".  It is about the 
history of the American war in Vietnam where I was a soldier with the 9th 
Infantry Division in 1967-68.  It is an experimental art work,  60 minutes, not 
a straight doc.  I have been thinking about showing it again in 2014,  the 30th 
anniversary of its release.  I'd love to have it screened in Vietnam.  It has a 
feel of early, politically radical Goddard and a little James Benning.  I'll 
send you a dvd if you like.  I have a web site "".  There is 
nothing about the film on the site but you can find out more about me there.  

Send me your surface address if you would like a dvd copy of the film which was 
originally shot, edited and released in 16mm in 1984.


John Knecht

On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 8:14 AM, jaime cleeland <> wrote:

I am looking to see if anyone on this listserv is interested in having work 
shown in Halong City, Vietnam.  I am organizing an artist residency and will 
have access to a screening area.
>I am looking for films that deal specifically with Coal mining or the fishing 
>For more info contact me or read the facebook page:
>Films need to be available for download.
>You would be credited in the program.
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