Dear Bryan,

Since I'm teaching full time, I have not yet been able to complete the film
I was hoping to send to the festival this year, so I'm sending an older
work that utilizes a similar technique (botanicollage and "live action"
footage melded together) and has never been screened for the public.  I
would love to be able to show it to EIC's dedicated, discerning audience.
 I hope that is OK with you.  The other piece might be ready by the time
the festival happens, but it isn't ready now.

I look forward to seeing you all in April.

Best wishes,


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> Hello everyone!  Experiments in Cinema is beginning to wind down our
> current call for submissions - Only about 3 weeks left to send us your
> experimental-cinematic-brilliance!  Our deadline for submissions is
> November 1.
> Experiments in Cinema will take place April 14-20, 2014 in Albuquerque,
> New Mexico (yes, where Breaking Bad was shot).
> Please go to for complete submission
> information.
> Also, don't forget that the holiday season is coming soon and our
> fundraising DVD collections make perfect gifts :)  - see our website for
> ordering information.
> Happiness is a warm projector,
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> - Emma Goldman
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