Dear Friends and Supporters,

Termite TV Collective's “The Censorship Show” was shown recently at the
Union for Democratic Communications (UDC) Conference in San Francisco
November 2nd.

Part personal recollections, part meditation on queer art, and part
rumination on the nature of censorship, this thought-provoking collection
of videos includes work by Laurie MacDonald from the Electron Movers (with
Alan Powell), Meg Knowles and Ron Ehmke, Bill Brown, Anula Shetty and Mike
Kuetemeyer, Carolee Schneeman, Barbara Hammer and Kathy High.

Coordinating producers are Dorothea Braemer and Joanna Raczynska.

Please use this link to view the half hour “Censorship Show”.

While all of these short films are compelling, be sure to watch to the end
where Dorothea has recorded Lawrence talking about how this case has had
an impact on his artistic process.  We encourage everyone to help spread
this message by clicking “Like”, but also by posting and sharing with all
available social networks.

It is vitally important to mention that a considerable amount of money
needs to be raised to pay for Lawrence’s defense against these charges. 
His forensic expert has worked diligently on Lawrence’s computer to prove
his innocence and this is another cost added on, in addition to the
mounting attorney fees.

To make tax deductable donations toward Lawrence’s defense please log on
to and donate to the Artist Defense Fund
for Lawrence Brose.

We want to encourage everyone to visit Lawrence’s defense fund website to
catch up on what is new, view the artwork that has been donated for sale
and read the compelling letters of support from notable people who have
voiced their outrage and concern for what is happening to Lawrence.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Lawrence Brose Legal Defense Fund Team

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