Yes, that's a good one too. I was going to mention it but couldn't remember the 

--Bill Wees

There is this one by Ken Jacobs:

GLOBE (1971, 22 mins, 16mm, color, sound on cassette) (Previously titled: 
EXCERPT FROM THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION) “Flat image (of snowbound suburban housing 
tract) blossoms into 3D only when viewer places Eye Opener before the right 
eye. (Keeping both eyes open, of course. As with all stereo experiences, center 
seats are best. Space will deepen as one views further from the screen.) The 
found-sound is X-ratable (not for children or Nancy Reagan) but is important to 
the film’s perfect balance (GLOBE is symmetrical) of divine and profane.” (KJ)  
(pasted in from

I've seen it, and am not completely sure what I thought of it. It is at the 
least extremely interesting.

Fred Camper

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