hey folks!

i'm looking for a subletter from jan 15th to march 14th:

large loft in Dumbo, Brooklyn, under the Manhattan bridge, one
stop on the F train to Manhattan (York Street stop):
bedroom + mezzanine (accessed by ladder), large living room,
wireless internet, bathroom with shower & toilet, basic kitchen, 
roof access (great
view of the city across the East River as well as the Brooklyn,
Manhattan & Williamsburg bridges), 6th floor, freight elevator
(although I usually use the stairs); $1257/month (incl wifi) + utilities (ie 
electricity - my bill is usually 40 or so a month), one month 

working steenbeck, 16mm projectors, rewinds &c

feel free to pass this on to any reliable people who might be interested

& let me know if you need any more info (pix &c)

cheers all round
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