dear matej,

the german book by hans scheugl and ernst schmidt jr: eine subgeschichte des 
films. lexikon des avantgarde-, experimental & undergroundfilms 
(frankfurt/main, suhrkamp: 1974)
mentions that some prints of anemic cinema contain "im mittelteil fotos einer 
frau, nacheinander von verschiedenen seiten aus gesehen, sowie von zerbrochenen 
vasen und figuren" (roughly "in the middle section photographs of a woman, seen 
from different sides, as well as broken vases and figures"), and that "die im 
mittelteil gezeigten fotos nehmen auch probleme der dreidimensionalität 
(gesicht der frau von mehreren seiten) und der zeit auf" ("[those photographs] 
also adress problems of three-dimensionality (the womans face seen from 
numerous sides) and time.") pp. 231f.

no information about the source of those images though, might well be from 

best wishes,

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> Dear Frameworkers,
> I dare to seek your advice or comments on a rather curious version of
> Marcel Duchamp's Anémic Cinéma.
> This version is said to contain footage supposedly coming from Eisenstein's
> October and could be tracked down to Denmark (although it might not have
> originated there).
> Bruce Posner, who curated the Unseen Cinema project which has used this
> very version of Anémic Cinéma from the Danske Filminstitut for a DVD
> release
> (but with the October footage edited out in the end), was kind enough to
> point me in the direction of Tuby Mussman's writings on the film.
> The thing is that I'm trying to find any mention of this version (e.g.
> describing other imagery then the rotating disks), but haven't been
> successful with Mussman so far. What I know about is Bozena Jablonska's
> description including the October footage in Alicja Helman (ed.), Z dziejow
> awangardy filmowej, Katowice 1976.
> I'm not hoping for any detailed history of why and how this version came
> about, but at least by knowing about literature mentioning it could help me
> in establishing it's prevalence.
> Please excuse my potential overlooking of some otherwise well known
> sources, certain writings are hard to track down here from Prague,
> but nonetheless I believe I went through most of the relevant
> Duchampian/avantgarde film literature I am aware of.
> Neither was I was able to find any mention of this in any of the journals
> related to film archiving etc.
> Also my apologies go to those following both AMIA-L and Frameworks list,
> sorry for cross-posting.
> With many thanks for any tips or leads on this,
> Matej Strnad
> *Center for Audiovisual Studies,*
> *Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts*
> *Prague, CZ*
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