Something one should always do these days is put in twice as many conduits as 
you need - when you run conduit to camera positions, run one for current needs 
and an extra one for future use. It is so much easier to do this during 
construction. Later when you switch from copper to fiber optic (or whatever it 
might be) you are ahead of the game.

And keep in mind that you need power at each camera position.

Tom Whiteside
Durham Cinematheque

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and mics

thanks ryder:
what i'm most interested in hearing about is video cameras/recording devices.  
not so much playback or projection.


On Dec 6, 2013, at 4:49 PM, Ryder White 
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Hi Shelly,
A few years ago, when I was still in university, our contemporary arts 
department moved to a new purpose-built facility complete with a lot of the 
kind of integrated infrastructure I think you're talking about. Instead of 
having a lot of independent systems, every lecture hall and seminar room had 
all the media playback and recording devices (as well as the lights, screens, 
blinds, etc) controlled by the same console that was linked back to a central 
server. It made for a much nicer space in that there weren't wires and cables 
and carts everywhere, but it was still fraught with difficulty. One of the main 
problems was that the configuration of each space was only MOSTLY the 
same...they all differed somewhat. Besides that, the control interface itself 
was not particularly intuitive.
To my mind, it is a nice thing to do but only if it can be done in a very 
particular way. For one thing, ensure consistency throughout your systems, 
because learning one new way of using a space is hard enough. Secondly, demo 
your interface options extensively and always ask yourself "Is this something 
that the least technologically literate person in our organization could use?" 
It's pretty awful when class/session/presentation time gets cut down because 
you can't figure out how to differentiate the projector controls from the 
lighting ones.
Hope that helps. I only have experience with the one setup, though, so I'd like 
to hear if anyone knows of more positive implementations.


On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 1:10 PM, Shelly Silver 
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dear all:
does anyone have experience, good or bad, with rooms pre-built with wiring, 
cameras, mics.  not for surveillance but for filming lectures, etc.
im involved in the pre-planning of a building and i want to collect experiences.

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