There’s HDCAM and there’s HDCAM SR.  HDCAM is a terrible format, to be avoided 
at all costs.  HDCAM SR is ok if you want HD and need tape, but it is fading 
quickly in favor of files.

While many are suggesting ProRes (and that should be ProResHQ 442 (I don’t 
think you need 444 in this case) you might consider as an archival format 
Uncompressed Quicktime 10 bit.  The big problem is Avid — they don’t play 
nicely with outside formats.

For 4:3 projects (uncropped) you might be better off working at 2K (2048 x 
1536) — pillar boxed HD is only 1080 x 1440, not ideal.


On Dec 12, 2013, at 5:21 PM, ev petrol <> wrote:

> hey folks
> I'm outputting a film to HD cam & have the option of doing it at 24fps (the 
> project itself is 24fps) or 25fps (I'm making digibetas as well, so the 
> framerate conversion is happening anyway) - any thoughts on which would be 
> more useful?
> there's also a DCP option, more expensive but I'm wondering would it be worth 
> it? or is that just going to cause compatibility problems with different 
> servers / platforms &c? 
> would be grateful for any thoughts on the matter
> cheers! Moira
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