Introducing a rare scan of Stuart Warriner's (UK) amazing widescreen
Pan-16 film format from the late 1960's based on the Bolex camera
system. This historical 32 year old Kodachrome II footage was shot by
Tony Shapps whilst on vacation with his family in Portugal. Both
gentleman were instrumental and active in the historic UK Widescreen

Stuart's engineering is remarkable. The frameline and perforations are
absolutely steady. What Stuart accomplished was very difficult from an
camera engineering perspective. He modified the 16mm gate to replicate
the 1/2 pulldown cycle of 8mm using standard single perf 16mm film
stock.The universality of his approach was nothing short of brilliant
considering the availability of single perf standard 16m film stock

In effect his camera's film transport created two 8mm intermittent
pulldowns per single perf 16mm frame height! Two 8mm cycles in the
same interval as one complete standard 16mm pulldown cycle. An
excellent overview of his efforts are detailed in Guy Edmonds academic
paper "Amateur widescreen; or, some forgotten skirmishes in the battle
of the gauges, i.e.

Guy Edmonds's paper states Pan-16 was designed with an aspect ratio of
1:2.87. However, I calculated a usable aspect ratio closer to the
classicCinemascope format in the range of 1:2.5. This is positioned
between Emel's Pan-8 format (1:2.2) and UltraPan8 2.8 (1:2.. Note that
both formats utilize double perf 8mm film stock as opposed to Pan-16's
more common standard 16mm film. Stuart originally modified a Siemens
16mm camera but later settled on the Bolex as his conversion of
choice. He also modified Specto 500 projectors for Pan-16 and
engineered an associated Variable Pitch Compensator (VPC) for these UK
manufactured machines. Regrettably, Stuart's engineering notes no
longer exist.

The cropped 1:2.5 scan is available for viewing here,

The full overscan with visible perforartions and frameline are
available here, i.e.

I am indebted to Tony Shapps for providing this invaluable film record
of small format ultra widescreen history.


Nicholas Kovats
Toronto, Canada
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