HI Frameworkers.
I have a bit of a manic question. I have some rolls of color neg, fuji 400T
mostly. That I shot 1 as I like to say, "layer", of images onto already,
but they were shot 2 stops under because I was going to add other layers
onto them. Well things have gotten rather crazy with other projects and
stuff so even though it has already been several months, I wont be able to
add the other "layers" of images for another month! I have been keeping
them so far in a cold room. Just for my nerves I want to know if this
footage is going to be totally fu#ked because it is taking me so long to
get to finishing the rolls. Or will it just be a slight difference in
contrast or something like that? Has anyone had experience where they have
waited 6 months to finish a roll? I think I must have in the past but I can
not really recall. So I pose the question to you all.

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