Hello Frameworks!
I will be in Prague March 9-11 traveling with a program of animated shorts I 
curated called Strange Creatures. You can see the line up here:


I've received support from a non-profit to hold an event in Prague, and all I 
need is a venue! An art house cinema, a gallery, a film or art center. I've 
already tried Bio Oko, Bio Ponrepo, Communication Space Školská 28 and iShorts, 
but unfortunately none of them are in a position to host during that time. I've 
also tried to contact the Avoid Gallery, Kino Svetozor, and NoD Roxy, but have 
not heard back. 

Anyone have any leads on venues or people I could contact to put on an awesome 
show in Prague?
Thank you kindly!
-Tess Martin

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