If you use a B&H 500-series projector on 50 Hz power, you need a different
pulley to get it to run on speed.  ICECO in Miami should have the pulley
available.  But yes, they will run much hotter, in part because the motors
are kind of undersized.

The older 300-series projectors use universal motors with interruptor
governors, to make them usable on 50 Hz power, 60 Hz power, or (models
without transformers in the sound amp) DC.  They are a better choice for
this sort of application since they were in fact designed for it.

But, you might consider buying or renting a Zenit projector in country and
avoiding having to ship a projector in and out.   They are lighter on film
than the B&H 500-series but not as gentle as the 300-series.

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