Hello Frameworkers,
          I have a brand new experimental animation to share, entitled "Pen
Up the Pigs." (12min) -  https://vimeo.com/84365061
*"Pen Up the Pigs" is a handcrafted collage animation that explores
connections between slavery and present day institutionalized racism and
mass incarceration. Through chromatic animated histories and futures of
radical collective power, the strength of left revolutionary thought and
action found in every frame embeds in the viewer visual understandings of
the imperative militant resistance required to combat white supremacy and
racism. Dir by Kelly Gallagher, 12 min, 2014.*
          I will also be presenting a paper on the radical political
potential of film/video and filming cops, at the Fields of Vision
conference this Feb at Yale, if any frameworkers are in that neck of the
-Kelly Gallagher

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