Dear Cindy

Thanks for the clarification.
It sounds like the CVM is the place to go!

What I saw at the ONE were video copies only--clearly as it's not a film 
But, now I'll know not to pursue a deadend at USC.

With best wishes,

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Clarifications re recent William Moritz posts - Jonathan, only a small 
collection of LGBT-related materials from Moritz's estate were donated to the 
ONE archive, per his wishes. No experimental films were given to ONE. The USC 
Library would not hold any rights for any Moritz films.

Regarding Adam's post on Moritz, while Moritz had a brief affiliation, he 
definitely did not work at iota.

Cindy Keefer
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>Dear Michael,
>Moritz's estate was given in part to the ONE ARCHIVE in Los Angeles. It's one 
>of the largest gay and lesbian archives in the world, now owned by USC.  When 
>I was there doing some work on Moritz, I was told that USC library may have 
>some Moritz films. I'd suggest contact either ONE for a reference or the 
>University of Southern California Library directly.
>With best wishes,
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