Here is my unofficial short film of one of my favorite bands, Low. The
song is called "Just Make It Stop" from their 2013 album "The
Invisible Way". Filmed in Chromoflex UltraPan8 2.8.

No digital effects were used.

I shot specially perforated Kodak V3 200D color negative (UltraPan8
2.8 R8) pushed one stop (400 ASA). An internegative 16mm print (50D)
was struck but not processed. The single perf 16mm "print" was then
hand processed using Richard Touey's Chromoflex technique. I applied
random tape shapes and then immersed the 16mm film in three different
combinations of developers, fixes, baths, etc specific to color
negative, color reversal or b/w reversal film processing.
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