I should have also mentioned that Daïchi will be one of several international 
visitors to Gainesville, Florida in just under three weeks (Feb. 21-23) for the 
10th annual FLEXfest (which will also be my last as Artistic Director).  Other 
guests include Rei Hayama from [+] in Tokyo, Guillaume Cailleau from 
LaborBerlin, Sally Golding from Unconscious Archives (etc.) in London, 
Sébastien Ronceray from Braquage in Paris, and the Trinchera Ensemble (Elena 
Pardo, Rafael Balboa, Morris Trujillo, and Eric Ostrowski) from Mexico 
City/Seattle.  There will be screenings of works by our visitors and the 
various groups they are associated with in the evenings alongside roundtable 
discussions during the days.  More information is on the website at 
flexfest.org<http://flexfest.org>.  All events are free and open to the public.

If you’re within a reasonable traveling distance from Gainesville, it should be 
worth the trip.  (I’ll be making the trip back from Columbus, Ohio myself.)  If 
any of you feel tempted to attend and need suggestions for accommodation &c., 
don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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Can someone please send me Daïchi Saïto's mail?

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