Arnulf Rainer, the artist: All I have are a couple of awesome pages devoted to 
him in Vergine's Body Art and Performance.  How many years has it been that I 
knew that name only as a film by Kubelka, 8? 9?


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Arnulf Rainer by Peter Kubelka
(Nostalgia) by Hollis Frampton  includes: James Rosenquist, Carl Andre,
Frank Stella, Larry Poons, Michael Snow etc.


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> Hi, frameworkers.  I'm looking for examples of portraits of artists and/or
> their processes or their works -- sculptors, musicians, poets, other
> filmmakers, etc.  Really interested in hearing about non-standard,
> non-straight-doc, artistic/artist-made films and videos about other
> artists.  Particularly keen on short works.  Bonus points for ones
> available in some form online.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions you
> might have!
> All the best,
> Kate

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