Hi Folks,

Here is my documenation of the recent 8fest's program called "Bagerooo,
seven! Volume two" featuring the world analog premiere of James
Gillespie's UltraPan8 film "Trains About", i.e. vimeo.com/86674824

Interestingly enough a recent blog called This Analog Earth reviewed
the wonderful 8fest but failed to mention this program and what was
probably one of the highlights of the festival. Paul Clipson's film "Other
States"  was transcendental and stunning .

This tiny special film format was well represented by very
vibrant works. It was also wonderful to see Jame Gillespie's hand
processed and tinted UltrPan8 work projected at a distance of 44 feet
and with a 12 foot wide image. Excellent filmmaking all around.

8fest festival: the8fest.com/
Blog review: thisanalogearth.com/2014/02/01/the-8-fest/

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