For more about MENA experimental film, there will be a panel entitled
"Defining Middle Eastern Cinemas" at the upcoming SCMS conference in
Seattle, March 20th.

If you would like to know more or join the Facebook group look for
Experimental MENA Film Panel at SCMS Conference

And if not, here is the description:

In the Middle East, many film movements, films, and filmmakers have defined
themselves as experimental, marginal, or avant-garde in relation to other
dominant orders of expression, whether mainstream or commercial. Defining
these works and the rich cultural heritage they partake in raises a series
of questions related to dynamic political, social and aesthetic attributes.
What is the relationship between critical discourse and aesthetic
experimentation in these specific instances? How does this relationship
engage possibilities of agency? How has experimentation of the past
influenced the present? What ethnographies of experimental film culture can
be drawn from these studies? How do these works challenge and expand
prevailing references in the intellectual history of experimental film? A
definition of Middle Eastern experimental cinemas finds critical
elaboration through the papers on this panel.

Chaired by Samirah Alkassim, Co-Chair Middle East Caucus of SCMS
Panelists include
"Cartographies of Experimentalism in Tariq Teguia's 'Gabbla'"
Maryam Monalisa Garavi, "Screen Interrupted, Contested Spaces and
Spectatorship in Shirin Neshat's 'Turbulent' Trilogy"
Laura Marks, "Experiments in the Archive"
Sara Saljoughi, "The Antagonistic Image: Experimental Cinema in Iran,
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