In the "banquet years" of the early sixties deep on the Lower East Side of New York City a legendary concrescence of genius occurred in the little circle consisting of
neighbors, friends and collaborators
Jack Smith, Tony Conrad, Angus Maclise and Piero Heliczer.
Like a fire in a flowerpot, theirs was a firmament with its own mad logic.

Piero Heliczer has until now been the most diffident, delicate and unknowable of the four. Curators Jonas Mekas and Johan Kugelberg at the Boo- Hooray Gallery, 265 Canal St. 6th Floor in NYC, have generously set forth a place where we can assemble a portrait from many of the extraordinary puzzle pieces Piero left for us to ponder.

Of the 17 Underground films Heliczer made, most are lost, only a third remains in circulation.

Piero was primarily poet to Jack Smith's 'pataphysician.
The work and words of The Dead Language Press he founded
( the rarest of antiquarian grail )
are what we have here to learn from.
Within the walls of this important gallery wonder blossoms
and like a lost angel, Piero has through these fragments
found his way home.

This is his unforgettable voice:

Open every day until March 14th, Boo-Hooray is here:
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