Portrait in Film
a three part film series presenting different perspectives on defining
profile with the moving image.

*Dynamic of Glances - 7 March 2014*

Dynamic of Glances is a collection of films that explore how portraiture
can be developed and understood in film. The programme reveals the complex
ways film can discover and capture the individual: the capacity of solitude
and contemplation, penetrating the semblance of facade, exposure to the
other, and understanding perspective.


*Heads*, by Peter Gidal (1969)
*Alone*, by Stephen Dwoskin (1963)
*The Watershed*, by Alia Syed (1994)
*Jane Brakhage*, by Barbara Hammer (1975)
*This Is My Land*, by Ben Rivers (2006)

(all on 16mm except Heads)


*Almost Out - 14 March 2014*

A stark yet complex search for identity. The work highlights the fragility
of facade, as personas are developed and subsequently exposed, delivering a
raw and tense interaction between the three figures in the film.

Introduced by Jayne Parker.

(on digital format)


 *Behindert - 21 March 2014*

To complete the series, a rare screening of Stephen Dwoskin's *Behindert*.
*Behindert* captures the re-enactment of a true relationship held between
Stephen Dwoskin and Carola Regnier. The film exposes Regnier's character
through Dwoskin's gaze, and in turn reflects the perspective each
individual develops of the other. This intense visual narrative is a
complex dynamism of interaction and introspection.

Introduced by Anthea Kennedy

(on 16mm format)


7pm start
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