Get your screen shot on good quality bw neg, process and then contact print it 
in your darkroom to Kodak's 5302 Fine Grained Release Positive film 
- it is blue light sensitive (therefore you can develop it in a standard 
red-light darkroom in trays). I haven't done it for a while, but you use 
standard bw print developer within a standard process (dev/stop/fix/wash). It's 
great stuff, durable with a wide range of exposure/gamma/contrast flexibility – 
you can assess it while processing under red safe lights.

Hey frameworks,

this isn't exactly motion picture film related, but as it has to do with analog 
celluloid film production i thought maybe the frameworks hive mind might offer 
up some direction:

I'm looking to produce a set of 35mm slides from digital files. the images are 
all black and white, and thus, should be printed onto black and white film 
stock, and not on to ektachrome or some of color reversal process. quote a few 
labs I've talked to can do color slides, but most seem to think black and white 
reversal film doesn't exist.


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