Technically it's possible -- Eyemo flange to focal distance is 1.5" and Nikon is 46.5mm -- but it would have to slide internally into the Eyemo mount, and most Nikon lenses have a shroud around the rear element (and preset levers) that will get in the way.

An aside: when Nikon introduced their SLR system, they made the FFD longer than competitors' so buyers couldn't use other lenses on Nikons, but they could use Nikkors on any other camera. Brilliant engineering/marketing.

Jeff's suggestion of a Nikon extension tube for a mount works well. I had a machinist turn a sleeve to fit into the tube and over the Eyemo mount (which was ground down in length and turned smooth on the exterior surface, removing the locking knob ridge). The new "mount" friction-fits over the old one and is secured with three grub screws so focus can be fine-tuned. 

On Sat, 8 Mar 2014 14:41:29 -0800, Jon Behrens <> wrote:

Hello everybody
I just bought an Eyemo and I was wondering if any of you have ever heard of a Nikon to Eyemo mount adapter ? 
or have any thought on what to do about lenses.

thank you very much

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