Hi Everyone,

* We're in the last 24 hours to submit to the 2014 Milwaukee Underground
Film Festival

** Everything can be submitted online by filling out the entry form found
    and sending it to: m...@film-milwaukee.org

*** The Milwaukee Underground Film Festival 2014 edition will be running
May 1-4 at multiple venues in Milwaukee, WI.

**** The Milwaukee Underground Film Festival is a student-run,
international film festival  dedicated to showcasing contemporary works of
film and video that innovate in form, technique, and content. This annual
event exhibits independent films from around the  world. We are interested
in publicly presenting the best in artistic, experimental, original,
humorous, political and visionary film and video work. The Milwaukee
Underground Film Festival is a nationally recognized non-profit student
organization at the  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

*** Entry Fee: $10 per entry / $15 total for multiple entries.  $5 per
entry for Milwaukee County residents - not to exceed $15 for multiple
entries. Entry fee waived for filmmakers who have exhibited their work in
any previous editions of MUFF.  ( Exhibition formats accepted: Super-8,
16mm, 35mm, DVD, QuickTime files)

** Multiple-projector/ expanded cinema/ installation proposals encouraged!

* Get us your work by midnight whatever your timezone may be!

Contact: Kelly Bronikowski / kelly...@uwm.edu
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