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The Films of Bruce Checefsky
Cleveland Cinematheque
Thursday, April 3, 6:45pm

Bruce Checefsky is a photographer and Director of the Reinberger Galleries at 
the Cleveland Institute of Art. For the past 13 years he has also moonlighted 
as a maker of short, independent films that have shown widely around the 
world—from MoMA and the Anthology Film Archives to the Tate Modern and the 
Rotterdam Film Festival. Checefsky has carved out a unique niche for himself by 
reimagining and making abstract and avant-garde Eastern European shorts from 
the 1920s to the 1940s that were either lost, destroyed, or conceived/scripted 
but never filmed. Checefsky’s completion of a new movie, Witch’s Cradle (2014), 
affords us an opportunity to show all eight of his visually dazzling short 
films in one comprehensive program. Witch’s Cradle reimagines an unfinished, 
now lost 1943 short by pioneering experimental filmmaker Maya Deren (Meshes of 
the Afternoon). Deren shot her film with Marcel Duchamp in Peggy Guggenheim’s 
Art of This Century Gallery in New York; it was intended to be an exploration 
of the magical qualities of objects in the space. Checefsky’s Cleveland-made 
remake stars CIA alum Margaret Stamm. Also showing: Pharmacy (2001), A Woman 
and Circles (2003), IN NI (Others) (2005), Moment Musical (2006), Béla (2010), 
et al. Bruce Checefsky will answer audience questions after the screening. 
Cleveland Cinematheque, 11141 East Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44106

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