Not experimental, and not erotic - unless you have a kink I'd rather not 
discuss :-) - but the first work that comes to my mind when you say "banned 
film" is "Titticut Follies". And there is definitely a body horror thing at 
work there...

Continuing with the 'docs', but both more experimental and dealing with erotics 
(if not, in itself, erotic), "Tongues Untied" which PBS refused to show.

Also repressed by PBS - the amazing "Seventeen" by Joel Demott and some guy who 
makes film scanners or something :-). Not 'erotic' but the depiction of an 
inter-racial relationship was one of the elements that got it essentially 

Not actually 'banned', but the Fox News jeremiad against the NEA for having 
funded a film organization that screened "Thundercrack" probably justifies 
putting that on the list.

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