De Profundis has not actually been banned but 100 of my exhibition prints
(frame enlargements) are part of the indictment. MM Serra has said that the
case against me and my artwork has had a chilling effect on the experimental
film world and that is censorship!  Once this is over I would like to do an
exhibition of a number of the prints and title the exhibition "The
Indictment Show".  This is all so stupid and raises serious questions about
artistic freedom.  Anyway,  thank you David for drawing attention to my film
and the defense fund.


On 3/29/14 7:42 AM, "david at lake ivan" <> wrote:

> I don't know if "De Profundis" by Lawrence Brose is actually banned, per se,
> but the filmmaker himself has been subjected to a completely spurious
> persecution by the Federal government since 2009, based on false allegations
> that he possessed child
> pornography. David
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