I am definitely attending, but I haven't bought my ticket yet, because have a meeting with the professor I am working for this quarter, and that will determine which day I can travel to New Mexico.

Your e-mail mentioned help with travel arrangement. what kind of help can you provide?

Thank you. I am looking forward to being there.

--Bill Basquin

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Subject: [Frameworks] Experiments in Cinema v9.72 is just around the corner!

Hi all - wow, it has been one hell of a year watching films, adjudicating our programming, traveling our festival etc!

Experiments in Cinema will take place in Albuquerque, NM (yes, the home of Breaking Bad) April 14-21.  We will host the founder and curator for Belgrade's Alternative Film/Video Festival, MIX from NYC!, Antoni Pinent from Spain and much, much more... 70ish films from 30 different countries, Caryn Cline rockin' the house with her Botanicollage workshop, Kerry Laitala doin' a live performance, and incredible film by Lawrence Andrews, and much-much-much more!

Anyone interested in attending please contact me and perhaps we can help with your travel arrangements.

Our new fundraising DVD collection will be up on our website soon ( along with T shirts and tote bags.
... older merch/dvds are still available.

OH, and anyone-anyone who might be interested in receiving a hard copy of our program please email me with your mailing address (no charge, we just want to spread the love).

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