I am currently editing, with John Hanhardt and Edith Decker-Phillips, the 
forthcoming Nam June Paik: Selected Writings (The MIT Press). 

The editors are looking for examples of significant writing by Paik, reflecting 
his creative and critical thinking, including his ideas about art and media, 
history, politics, and technology. We are currently visiting numerous archives 
and collections for relevant materials, but would appreciate any information 
regarding where other writings of Paik may be sourced, or if individuals are in 
possession of writings by or correspondence from Paik that they would be 
willing to contribute to the collection. 

Thank you for your help, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any 

Greatly appreciated,


Gregory Zinman, Ph.D.
ACLS New Faculty Fellow
Film Program, School of the Arts
Columbia University


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