Thanks folks!
I'm hoping to just get lucky and find the holders from an old table somewhere, 
everything works fine on the table its just a couple of the fuse holders got 
broken during a move. I will try Steenbeck but I've contacted them in the past 
and I find they are not very helpful with older parts. 
Thanks again!

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> Subject: Re: [Frameworks] Fuse holder for ST928 Steenbeck
> The original fuse holder is made by Schurter, and what you show here is just
> the carriage.  The contacts on the part that is in the machine are bad,
> which is why the contacts on the carriage are failing.
> You have to replace the entire fuse holder assembly, not just the carriage.
> My inclination is just to put a piece of sheet metal over the hole and
> install a modern panel mount fuse holder that takes a 5/8 round hole.
> It should be less than an hour for a competent technician.  This would be
> much easier than trying to locate a US source for one that is the same
> physical shape.
> It is POSSIBLE that this is the same form factor as the model 348070/
> 348007 pair from Electronic Plus, as seen here:
> And that might work if your goal is to avoid doing any sheet metal work.
> --scott
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