Dear All,

I have a Bolex H16 with a Super 16mm-widened gate.  I have been using the 
Vario-Kern zoom lens.  My problem is that the lens vignettes when
shooting wider than 26mm.  I am looking for a lighter-more compact 
alternative(s), thinking of traveling, both zoom and prime that will not 
vignette on the S16 format.  
I am assuming I will have to go C Mount for which I already have an adapter.

I am not sure if vignetting will be an issue whenever going wider than 26mm.  
The 26mm Kern lens looks good but pricewise impossible.
I saw this lens: that looks good but again don’t know how it works with S16:
Schneider Kreuznach Variogon 1.8 12.5 75 C

Any comments appreciated.


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