You obviously don't get it David so I'm done with this conversation. 

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Without failure you can never achieve success. I have based my process and my 
career as an experimental film artist on this statement; and I welcome it as it 
pushes me forward as an artist to try something different, something new. 

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> Subject: Re: [Frameworks] Advice with screening format for festival. Help!
> Roger:
> If you feel "cut down" or "shot down" because someone disagrees with you on a 
> Listserv, you might want to grow a thicker skin. 
> > I gave an example from my own experience as an artist who has had his 
> > worked projected through a film projector and a video projector.
> Which you admitted was a "low end" projector. From this, you generalized to 
> the claim that only film projection looks "like film." I said this is false, 
> because it is false. Framing the claim as beyond critique because it's an 
> "opinion" is utter BS. It may also be your "opinion" that the Earth is only 
> 6,000 years old and humans and dinosaurs inhabited the planet at the same 
> time. Some opinions are worth more than others, based on the argument and 
> evidence one can muster in support of them. You reply is an ad hominem attack 
> on me for having the effrontery to disagree with you on substance, and you 
> made no response whatsoever to the substantive points in my post. 
> > I find this discussion board has a lot of members who criticize other 
> > filmmakers for the suggestions they offer to artists looking for advice.
> Well, anyone who advises an artist with limited resources in terms of funds, 
> and facing a very tight deadline to have a 35mm print made, or go to the 
> effort of making a DIY contact print on a Steenbeck, deserves to be 
> criticized.
> > The film screened last night at a local venue and their 35mm projector 
> > broke down
> I guess that venue hadn't read Scott Dorsey's post asserting "It's hard to 
> mess up a 35mm presentation."
> > I have 20 plus years working in the film industry and working with film to 
> > create my own films. My opinion matters as much as any one else on this 
> > discussion board.
> I'm confused. Is your "opinion" supposed to be considered valid for others 
> because of your 20-plus years experience, or merely a purely subjective 
> evaluation because it's JUST "your opinion"? (FYI, I've been doing moving 
> picture work for over 40 years, but that doesn't automatically make my 
> opinion worth spit.) 
> And, oh yeah, I noticed that neat little inflation where you tried to infer 
> from my objection to ONE SPECIFIC FACTUAL CLAIM made in your OP that I 
> somehow am am discounting you and ALL your opinions categorically. In 
> general, in their collectivity, yeah, everyone's opinions matter. But if 
> 'being professional' means no one call out a particular claim as crapola as 
> long as the author has couched it under the weaselly rubric of 'what I 
> believe,' then I believe I shall have to maintain my amateur standing.
> djt
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