> Just FYI: projection shouldn't an issue since the festival will transfer 
> all video/digital material to DCP for projection from a commercial-level 
> projector in a big theater. My little 16mm piece feels tiny in this 
> setting.

This means if you send them something other than a DCP, it will get
transmogrified into a DCP file and there are chances of something going wrong
with that process in some way that aren't noticed.

So... send them a DCP if you are sending them digital.

> I'm also completely in agreement with Jonas Mekas's position, even 
> though I'll have a digital version made of my work for practical purposes.

I think that these days it's possible to make digital projection which 
comes very close to the look of the film original.  The grey scale still
isn't right, but it's getting better every day.  The thing is, you cannot
count on anybody to actually do it right unless you are doing it yourself,
and so many festivals do it poorly.

Your goal is to make it easier for the festival to get things right.

That said, in a perfect world the festivals would be showing film because
after all that is the whole point of doing a special presentation in the
first place...
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