I think Eleni meant "Which principles do I have to bear in mind?" in terms of 
choosing a camera.

A can of worms indeed. To be neutral in the format wars, but opinionated within 


Super-8: Canon 814XL or 1014XL

Budget 16mm: Kodak K100

16mm workhorse: Bolex H16 Deluxe (parallax viewfinder, avoid the really old one 
with the silver FPS dial)

16mm reflex: Beaulieu R16 
             (Bolex reflex H16-rex are a pain in the ass due to the beam 
splitter requiring special lenses)

Modestly priced DSLR: Canon T2i or T3i w. freeware Magic Lantern firmware

High-end DSLR: Canon 5D Mk III w. freeware Magic Lantern firmware

'Digital Movie Camera': Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Budget 'palm size' HD camcorder: Canon VIXIA HF R500

Basic conventional HD camcorder: Canon XA 10

Higher-end conventional HD camcorder: Canon XF100

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