Well, what is the projector?

For the most part it's probably a bad idea.  One exception is that if you
have projectors that use ordinary incandescent lamps, replacing those with
halogen lamps of the same input power and adjusting the condenser and mirror
assemblies can give you added brightness safely.

But if you have a 24V/250W lamp like the FJL lamp used in the Bauer 
classroom projectors, you already have about the brightest lamp you're going
to get with that input power.

Have you considered upgrading to a brighter projector?  There are plenty
of the Bell and Howell 500-series projectors out there and they are 
bright and fairly light on film.  The 300-series are even lighter on film
although more bulky.  Avoid the auto-thread 500-series ones, though.
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