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Dear all,

I am looking for films and videos that deal either thematically or technically 
with the idea of radio and radio diffusion.
Any titles that come to your mind?

In the US there were a number of Hollywood films in the 1930’s that used sound 
film to make dramatic musical comedies using musicians and singers who were 
well known to the public from the new technology of broadcast radio often 
employing the “backstage musical” motif about a radio show:  E.g.. The Big 
Broadcast.  And the famous first music video when MTV launched: ”TV Killed the 
Radio Star”.

Also in the narrative film vein, there’s the start of Renoir’s RULES OF THE 
GAME, the ham radio bit in Godard’s TWO OR THREE THINGS I KNOW ABOUT HER, etc.

The connections are virtually endless: 40k’s cop films that show police using 
the brand new technology of police  band radio to communicate; the trope of the 
late night radio personality speaking to night owls, etc.  For Hollywood you 
can do a simple search on IMDB using terms like radio, broadcast, etc to come 
up with lists.


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