Hi folks,
A friend of mine is putting together a screening and is looking for suggestions 
on the following. If you have recommendations please forward them to me and I 
will pass them on to her.
I'm currently doing a project called "Intergenerational Media" and I'm looking 
for a documentary film - ideally from Quebec or Canada - to screen as part of 
an event in June. I was wondering if anyone has come across a recent film 
relating to these issues: the succession of family farms, intergenerational 
family businesses, or ageism / prejudices towards seniors? 

Roger D. WilsonFilm Scientist613 324 - 
Without failure you can never achieve success. I have based my process and my 
career as an experimental film artist on this statement; and I welcome it as it 
pushes me forward as an artist to try something different, something new.       
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