I picked up a power converter at at thrift store for $10 called a Patronics 
AC/AC Converter.
It has input select 110 vs 220 and says 1500W max with ground lead.
It is a black 7X7X4 inch (18X18X10 cm) brick of a thing, weighs about 25 pounds.
What I am unclear on, is 
A) if it is working correctly, and 
B) if this is something I can use overseas in 220V land to run projectors. Will 
it take 220V input of power?

When I plug a conventional desk lamp in (a device I am willing to risk!) with 
60W bulb using 120V power (US/CAN standard)
These are the results:
without converter - standard light output
with converter set to 110V - much much brighter
with converter set to 220V - very dim
I haven’t kept it on for an extended period, but do these results make sense?

Of course, I don’t have 220V power handy, so I can’t test the power input end, 
though I could maybe try plugging it into a clothes dryer plug (220V) with a 
plug converter…
At $10, no big deal if it is just a heavy useless brick, but it seemed worth 
looking into.
Thanks to anyone who can shed some light (whatever brightness) on this 
Here is a picture of it:


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