Sounds great – we’re in winter now down here and there are bits of aeroplane 
floating around in the ocean. See you soon!

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you are stepping down?
a real pity to hear that, specially as I was planning to come to images at some 
point and see your work...
I am sure you will find a great replacement anyway but it would have been good 
to know that I came while you were doing it.
In any case it was wonderful to see you again and I hope we set again soon. If 
you are planning to come over to Europe during this summer do let me know! 
swimminggggg!! Greece is still a massive mess but the sun shines still and the 
sea is still blue and beautiful.
keep in touch my friend!
hugs vas


Vassily Bourikas
9 Alexandras Avenue
TK 11473 Athens Greece
m: +30 6948056026

On Friday, 23 May 2014, 17:30, Scott Miller Berry 
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Dear Frameworkers,
Images is hiring an Artistic Director - please spread the word to interested 
Thanks, best regards,

 posting closes Friday June 6, 2014 at 5PM
(summary) North America's largest exhibitor of independent and experimental 
moving image culture is currently seeking an Artistic Director. The person in 
this position will work in a collaborative environment to plan and execute a 
successful 2015 Festival involving multiple exhibition sites and events. Images 
is a dynamic workplace and annual forum for excellence and innovation in 
contemporary media art. The Artistic Director of the Images Festival will play 
a pivotal role in the media arts sector in Toronto and beyond and will lead and 
shape programming platforms for the festival, overseeing all aspects of the 
programming with the support of programming and administrative staff.

Scott Miller Berry, Executive Director
448-401 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario  M5V 3A8  CANADA
+1 (416) 971 8405 telephone<>

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