Michael Snow's *Corpus Callosum*, from 2002, would seem to fit the criteria
for the series. I haven't seen it in quite awhile, but I do recall there
are several false endings, with credits appearing midway through the film
and possibly elsewhere, as well as films within the film, and much, much


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> HI all- we're in the middle of planning our ongoing  experimental series
> for next year.
> One of the programs has the working title of "cinema undone" and the idea
> for it was roughly films that
> don't observe the usual boundaries-- so films that don't necessarily have
> a logical end and one of the pieces we
> wanted to show (or at least show excerpts from) was Nan Goldin's "Ballad
> of Sexual Dependency."
> We're having trouble locating Nan or getting permission to use the
> slides-- so my first question
> is that-- does anyone know how to contact her or her representative?
> The second question is do you have ideas for other pieces (we have
> Warhol's screen-tests; we showed Decasia last year
> but might revisit parts of it). thanks-- Joan
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