Hi, list,

Just letting you know about the Visions monthly screening series in Montreal.

We present films that fall into the 'experimental-documentary' spectrum.

The series began in March and we've presented:

Anja Dornieden and Juan David Gonzalez Monroy - various works
James N. Kienitz Wilkins - Public Hearing
Gaelle Komar - Above the Heart

And this month we have: Khaled Jarrar - Infiltrators

So far all filmmakers have been present (and we hope to keep it that way) and 
we put up the Q&A's and interviews on the website for future reference.

If you have works that may fall into a similar category to the works we're 
showing and you're on tour or nearby - let me know in a private message and 
we'll see if we can arrange a presentation.

You can follow the rest at www.visionsmtl.com


Benjamin R. Taylor

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