By their very nature clouds dissipate and vanish. I¹ve always felt it may
only be good as a temporary option - storing the data on external hd¹s
that can keep up with os upgrades the preferred choice.

On 4/06/2014 12:57 pm, "Fred Camper" <> wrote:

>I've been using CrashPlan for backup, of picture files not video files,
>but over 1 TB. The initial backup can take quite a while. It seems
>reliable. For a small fee you get unlimited space. But, they, and the
>others, only do single backups and advise customers to also backup their
>files elsewhere. In other words, they don't guarantee they won't lose
>the files. My solution is multiple external hard drives in two different
>locations. And you have to keep testing these and keep backing up to
>these -- even without much use, data on them will eventually get
>corrupted and the drives themselves will fail. So I transfer the files
>fresh from my computer every so often. If I couldn't fit all my files on
>my computer, as formerly, I would re-record them from one to the other.
>If you use Western Digital hard drives they have a program that runs
>extended tests on their hard drives to look for flaws, so I use that too.
>Fred Camper
>On 6/3/2014 7:55 PM, Chuck Kleinhans wrote:
>> Does anyone here use a cloud strorage service for backup for their
>>digital video files?  Do you know which cloude storage services are the
>>most reliable?  Any to avoid, that are unreliable?
>> Chuck Kleinhans
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