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Apologies if some of you have already seen this. It is a major event for
film publisher caboose and we thought the news might interest members of
the Frameworks community.

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On the heels of Jean-Luc Godard’s jury prize at the Cannes film festival
for a film made on a shoestring budget with hand-held equipment – 55 years
after he revolutionised cinema using the same methods for *À bout de
souffle* – caboose is pleased to announce publication of Godard’s book
to a True History of Cinema and Television*, a veritable treatise on
independent film and video production by the world’s consummate independent

This volume, consisting of a series of 14 talks presented in Montreal in
1978 as preparation for a never-realised educational history of cinema on
videocassette was published in French in 1980 in faulty and incomplete
transcription, and in various translations after that date, but was never
translated into English. The Montreal film scholar Timothy Barnard has
spent seven years preparing a first-ever English translation based on his
new and complete transcription of Godard’s talks (running to 160,000 words
in the French), adding back the questions and comments of Godard’s
interlocutors and correcting thousands of errors and omissions in the
French and foreign-language editions.

The volume is published Montreal publisher caboose in a handsome,
affordable edition numbering 560 pages. It includes a 20,000-word essay by
film scholar Michael Witt on Godard as film historian and the genesis of
his film history project, a 20-page collage prospectus in Godard's hand for
the video series, and 60 full-page illustrations – film stills manipulated
by Godard for the original French edition. A sample chapter of the new
translation can be read on the publisher’s web site.

caboose is also giving away with each on-line purchase a volume in its new
series of essays, Kino-Agora. Five titles are now in print: *The Kinematic
Turn: Film in the Digital Era and its Ten Problems*, by André Gaudreault
and Philippe Marion; *Dead and Alive: The Body as Cinematic Thing* by
Lesley Stern; *Montage* by Jacques Aumont; *Mise en Jeu and Mise en Geste*
by Sergei Eisenstein; and *The Life of the Author* by Sarah Kozloff. The
first half of Timothy Barnard’s work in progress volume in the Kino-Agora
series, on cinematic *découpage*, can be read free of charge on the caboose
web site.

Of special interest to the independent filmmaking community is the
collaborative oral history project Planetary Projection on the caboose
site, in which film projectionists around the world discuss their craft in
their own words. Some 40 projectionists’ vignettes, complete with photos,
are now posted on the caboose site, with more added as they arrive. caboose
is also giving away copies of all five Kino-Agora volumes to contributing
projectionists. If you or anyone you know has ever projected film, please
consider contributing to the project by contacting project coordinator
Marina Uzunova via our web site.
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