Hello Everyone,

This is for those in the New York City area only, who can respond today or
tomorrow before 5 PM.

I have an Eiki SL projector to give away today or tomorrow only.  I bought
it off eBay and it arrived damaged, so this projector would need repair or
would be for parts only.  It has no cover/speaker, no lens, and no bulb.
 The back support piece is broken.  It does work, and run, but the focus
knob is worn so it won't focus as is.  I have three take up reels (dummy
loads, sorry!)--1600, 800 and 600 feet.

I also have a Sony PDX 100A video camera to give away.  It needs repair, or
could be used for parts.  I don't know if it is even repairable anymore.
 It comes with a wide angle lens and is all in a carrying case.

Please call or text me at 206-854-1537 if you want to come pick either or
both of these things up.

Many thanks.


Caryn Cline
co-producer, *Acts of Witness*
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