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recent experimental works for the screen

<> at 9 PM (1310 N 5th,
<> at 8
pm (124 S. 3rd, Brooklyn)
Wednesday at SKYLAB GALLERY <> at showtime
(check shortly) (57 E. Gay St, 5th Floor, Columbus)

*And, Trunk Show will be attending, for those interested in purchasing
Stephanie Barber's recent piece (only a few days old) or stickers by
Deborah Stratman, Lauren Anderson and other excellent artists. *

More info:
Chicago artist and curator Jesse Malmed presents Untitled (Just Kidding), a
collection of recent experimental videos. While unexpecting the expected,
viewers can look forward to bodyswaps, closed captioning seeking
sentiences, cloud covers, singtalk, the sitcom set and séance nonfictions.
By turns comedic and poetic, Jesse's work practices sustainable sourcing,
utilizing a wide-range of materials from his own camera, vigorous and
elliptical research practices and the ever-growing archives of the arcane,
avant and popular. Depending on parking, Trunk Show, the car/gallery he
co-directs/drives will be on hand to show off its newly-affixed exhibition
by Stephanie Barber.

Jesse Malmed is a Chicago-based artist and curator working in video,
performance, text, occasional objects and their gaps and overlaps. He has
performed, screened and exhibited at museums, microcinemas, film festivals,
galleries, bars and barns. In addition to his creative work, Jesse programs
at the Nightingale Cinema, co-directs the mobile exhibition space Trunk
Show and has programmed work in a wide variety of contexts individually, as
a member of Cinema Project and as the peripatetic Deep Leap Microcinema. A
native of Santa Fe, Jesse earned his BA at Bard College and his MFA at the
University of Illinois at Chicago. He was recently named a "2014 Breakout
Artist" by Newcity.

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